Haakonsen Marine AS

Haakonsen Marine AS is a Norwegian based company established in 1996 that provide services to oil & gas and renewable energy industries. We have over the years built up a wide experience within marine operations and are located with offices in Skudeneshavn, Stavanger and Ghana. Haakonsen Marine As consists of highly qualified employees with long experience in the Oil and Gas industry, Maritime Industry, Renewable Industry, Onshore and Offshore Industry, Construction services, Shipyard industry and more. We have entered into several agreements for the delivery of services in the future where we delivers project planning, project implementation, project management, marine operations, inspections and more, according to customer needs. Together with allied companies and individuals, Haakonsen Marine has access to necessary equipment and personnel needed to carry out projects. We work actively to meet new customers’ requirements, win new assignments, and carry out projects to the customer’s satisfaction, where trust, execution, quality and cost are central. Haakonsen Marine shall be the customers’ preferred supplier.


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